Project Ares provides individuals and organizations hands-on cyber training from anywhere, anytime. Security leaders and educators can scale training to meet cyber requirements and teaching goals.
  • Learn comprehensively through concept-driven games, Battle Rooms, and real-world scenario Missions.
  • Learn pragmatically on cloud-based cyber ranges that emulate typical networks and simulate network traffic.
  • Learn actively with gamified elements like scoring, leaderboards, and chat features.

Cyber ranges are virtual environments that let teams practice cybersecurity skills and learn concepts in “safe” training spaces. Cyber ranges allow academic instutions, cyber security professionals, enterprises, government the ability to use offense and defense tools in realistic network environments, so they can “train as they would fight.” Educators and security leaders can scale training to meet cyber requirements and teaching goals.


Cyber Learning Platforms

Gamified & On - demand

  • Learn by doing
  • Hone cyber skills
  • Develop critical thinking

Cyber Ranges

Authentic Learning Environments

  • Simulate with full fidelity
  • Networks to digital enterprises​
  • Public infrastructure to military operations


Workforce Readiness

Optimized Offense & Defense

  • Test threat knowledge
  • Assess competencies
  • Protect your organization

Reporting & Analytics

Optimized Offense & Defense

  • Detailed and customized reporting
  • Compare user performance
  • Know how prepared your team is

Gamified Cyber Range

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