Simulation and Reporting

Phishing simulator & training

Empower employees to detect and report phishing attacks with PhishSim™.


Choose from 1,000+ realistic phishing templates

Build simulated phishing campaigns from our library of over 1,000 templates to teach employees how to avoid the most dangerous phishing threats they face. Our phishing templates are organized by category and language so you can easily identify the right templates for your organization.

New templates are added weekly to simulate ongoing attacks, leverage recent news and keep employees ahead of new threats.


Simulate the most sophisticated phishing attacks

Prepare your employees for the most challenging threats they face by simulating the same domain spoofing techniques, typosquatting and attack types scammers find most effective.

With Infosec IQ, you can build targeted spearphishing emails, send attachment attacks, build spoofed login pages and track replies to phishing emails.


Turn phishing clicks into teachable moments

Deliver training the moment your employee clicks a phishing link to reinforce best practices and help them avoid phishing attacks in the future.

Share a brief training module, highlight phishing red flags on the email they clicked or redirect the employee to a phishing education page to provide training tailored to the email and attack type they failed to recognize.


Customize phishing templates or build your own

Every aspect of the Infosec IQ phishing simulator and training is customizable, giving you ultimate flexibility in delivering simulated phishing emails and training.

Edit existing templates, create custom phishing emails and spoofed landing pages, and build your own phishing education pages to keep employees alert to the top phishing threats in your environment.


Empower employees to report suspicious emails

Turn your employees into one of your greatest cybersecurity assets with the PhishNotify™ email reporting plugin. Install the reporting button globally to allow employees to report emails on any device.

Employee-reported phishing simulations are recorded for learner-level reporting while real threats are removed from the employees inbox and placed in quarantine for your team to review.


Analyze & respond to employee-reported emails


PhishHunter™ automates the time-consuming task of email analysis, transforming your email quarantine from a pool of all employee-reported emails into a prioritized response queue.

All employee-reported emails are sanitized and organized by threat level so you can quickly and safely diagnose threats and orchestrate your attack response.


Reporting & assessments

Use performance data to drive training curriculum, prove results over time and detect risk before breaches occur.


Identify trends & prove training success

Always know your organization’s compliance score and phish rate with performance dashboards. Infosec IQ’s pre-built reports and charts provide instant feedback to help you identify trends over time and prove the success of your awareness training and phishing program.

Measure performance for your entire organization or by department and download reports for stakeholders or auditors.


Assess risk & retention

Measure security aptitude and lesson retention at the employee level with learner assessments. Assessments help you establish baseline comprehension, identify knowledge gaps and deliver personalized training based on security education needs.

Choose from dozens of pre-built assessments or build your own to measure comprehension of the cybersecurity topics most important to your organization.


Personalize training with learner analytics

One-size-fits-all training doesn’t work. Infosec IQ tracks each employee’s training course performance and phishing simulation activity to identify their security strengths, weaknesses and assign a learner grade to predict susceptibility.

With learner analytics, you can assign personalized training when employees fail to complete a training course, score poorly on an assessment or fall below your risk tolerance to automatically educate the employees who need it most.


Campaign reporting made easy

With pre-built auto reports, training campaign summaries and unlimited custom reporting, Infosec IQ makes it easy to run a data-driven security awareness and training program.

Every training campaign, phishing simulation and employee interaction is tracked and stored making it easy to produce and export both boardroom-ready charts and also multi-variable reports for deep analysis.