About us


DiTech Solutions LLC., is a trusted resource for Cyber Security Range, Application Security, and Security Awareness Training to Academia (High Schools, Colleges, and Universities), Professionals (IT and Cybersecurity, Application and Software Developers), and Small - Mid-size Businesses. We provide current students, professionals, and Cyber Security teams the opportunity to learn variouscyber-attack methodologies and defense tactics by training on some of the best hyper-realistic Cyber Ranges including Application and Software Cyber Range, with real world threats on various cloud based cyber simulators (“Cyber Ranges”) including on premise cyber ranges from trusted partners around the world. We are committed towards helping educatecurrent and future Cyber Security Professionals in hopes of shrinking the ever widening gap of available knowledgeable skilled Cyber Security professionals. Our simulated Cyber Ranges training sessions, and security courses compliment educational materials tailored to all skill levels from entry to professionals in every industry. The Cyber Ranges and security training courses provide students and professionals with the opportunity to train using top cybersecurity tools, to identify various attack types, practice incident response techniques, and mitigation strategies, thus building on their knowledge and skills which are highly sought after in the industry to secure the digital connected world.


What we really do?

DiTech Solutions provides hyper-realistic Cyber Range and Application and Software training services including security courses, tools and interactive labs to educate and train students and professionals towards building their knowledge and skills along with developing secure coding skills to aid in securing and protecting corporations.


Our vision

DiTech Solutions goal is to help educate and train students and professionals in Cyber Security for every industry, with the hope that through our training we will help reduce the ever widening gap of knowledgeable and skilled Cyber Security Professionals.


History of DiTech Solutions

Several years ago, we had the vision of providing Cyber Security training to students and professionals upon viewing a demonstration of a Cyber Security Range, and the possibilities it presented at the time to help educate and train existing and future Cyber Security Professionals. In 2019, we took the necessary steps and turned our vision into reality. We started DiTech Solutions in an effort to provide Cyber Security Range, Application Security and Security Awareness training to students and professionals, including small and Mid-Size Businesses.


Partner with us

We are always looking for partners, to join our cause. For additional information please contact us at info@ditechsolutions.com.