Project Ares Cyber Range Training Platform

Project Ares is a gamified, on-demand, persistent, virtual learning platform that leverages AI to automate training for individual students, professionals, and teams ranging in skill levels from beginners to experts, whether they are at home, in a classroom, organizational security groups, or in operational units with missions to identify and mitigate evolving cyber threats.





Gamified Cyber Range    

  • Curriculum and exercises are interrelated and combined in work-role based learning paths.
  • Train independently 24/7 to reduce requirements and costs typically associated with full time, classroom based, instructor-led courses.
  • Users motivated by the gamified components of scoring, leaderboards, and the skill badge award system which all track performance while helping to reinforce learning objectives within the Project Ares platform.

Media Center


Media Center for reference documentation and course curriculum


Game Room

Reinforce cyber concepts in arcade-like mini-games




Battle Rooms for scored tasks targeting specific skills



Join Live Gamified Team Events, to help build collaboration and understanding of your team’s unique strengths, while improving on your Incident Response Process. The end result, is a unified offensive team with strong defensive knowledge and skills.


Rejoin scenario selection, network environment set-up, and execution using real world tools and techniques



Customized Missions

Focus on the unique threats faced by businesses through tailored missions that reflect industry pertinent situations.


Project Ares Configurations


Media Center


Game Room


Battle Rooms




Trainer View and Reporting






Instructors are able to control the missions’ level of difficulty, add and monitor participants, view their stats, and assist if needed.