Subscription & Pricing

Subscription tiers

Infosec IQ subscription tiers are designed to help you achieve your organization’s security awareness training goals. You can add additional learner seats or upgrade your subscription tier at any time.


English, French & Spanish 50 training modules

Phishing simulator, and:

  • Email reporting plugin
  • Active Directory integration
  • Endpoint protection integration
  • Program automation
  • Automated reporting
  • Open API
  • SCORM as a service
  • Posters, newsletters & tip sheets
  • Technical support
  • Performance dashboards
  • Phishing Risk Test


English, French, Spanish, German & Dutch 100 training module

All Core features, and:

  • Learner assessments
  • Assessment authoring tool
  • Automated, advanced reporting
  • BEC simulations
  • Simulation reply tracking
  • Data entry phishing templates
  • Dynamic learner groups
  • Custom branding


34+ languages All training modules (350+)

All Plus features, and:

  • Module Publishing Assistant
  • Global & delegated administration
  • Data browser reports & exports
  • Custom phishy domains
  • Domain spoofing
  • Dedicated client success manager
  • Single sign on (SSO) learner authentication




AwareEd™ security awareness training

Training modules

Industry & role-based training

Compliance training

Custom education

Layered education

Turnkey campaign tools

Event-activated learning & endpoint protection integration

Microlearning videos

Personalized learning plans

Posters, newsletters & infographics 

Publishing Assistant 

34+ languages & 100s of international phishing templates 

Learner dashboard 

Learner training recommendations 

PhishSim™ anti-phishing training & simulation 

Realistic phishing simulation templates 

WYSIWYG phishing simulation template builder 

Multiple simulated attack types

PhishNotify™ one-click email reporting & quarantine plugin 

PhishHunter™ threat analysis and classification 

Phishing indicators with learner tips 

Optional phishing simulation reply tracking 

Domain spoofing & phishy domains

Phishing Risk Test

Reporting & assessments

Performance dashboards 

Automated reporting

Data browser reports & exports 

Learner analytics & grades 

Industry benchmarks

Baseline knowledge assessments 

Adaptive assessments 

100s of pre-loaded assessment questions 

Assessment authoring tool 

Program automation & management 

Active Directory integration 

Dynamic learner groups 

SCORM as a Service 

Global & delegated account administration capabilities 

Open API 

Single sign on (SSO) learner authentication 

Security policy distribution & acknowledgment tracking 

Automated training completion certificates 

Client support services 

Implementation professional services package ($3,000 value!) 

Technical support 

Dedicated client success team