DiTech Solutions CMD+CTRL Cyber Range Training

Attacking to defend


DiTech Solutions Application Security Cyber Range Training Environments

DiTech Solutions CMD+CTRL Cyber Range suite contain real-world vulnerable applications and websites that encourage participants to use their knowledge and skills to exploited the environments to

take money, obtain internal and customer information, make purchases, among other nefarious acts. The premise, is that by teaching them now to attack, the students will improve their defense skills, as they will have first-hand knowledge of how hackers exploit vulnerabilities, common to most business applications.

 "Core skills can be attained but are soon forgotten if not exercised. Cyber ranges are the perfect complement to traditional training because it immerses the learner in a realistic environment, preparing them for the cybersecurity battle they will face."

Dr. Larry Ponemon, Founder The Ponemon Institute

 DiTech Solutions CMD+CTRL Cyber Range: High Value - That Keeps on Giving

What is the price tag for risk? What the value is of teams that want security training?

The industry agrees – solving application security issues is the most valuable path forward.


Measures Staff Security Proficiency, Benchmarks & Tracks Improvements

Detailed reports identify skill gaps, measure improvement over time, and demonstrate ROI.

 Addresses the Security Vulnerabilities of Today (and Tomorrow)

Vulnerabilities named in popular frameworks and compliance mandates like PCI-DSS, OWASP Top 10, and others are included, and CMD+CTRL is continually updated with the latest threat intelligence.

 Creates Cross-Organizational Excellence

Cybersecurity, Development, and Operations teams can collaborate and prepare against common attacks and advanced threats. Advanced cyber ranges for InfoSec and Red Teams.


Ideal for All Skill Levels

Help guides, hints, and challenges of varying complexity ensure everyone can participate and gain insight into the impact of different classes of vulnerabilities.


DiTech Solutions CMD+CTRL Cyber Range is Challenging and Competitive Fun

Teams get a taste and beg for more – so engaging it isn’t a burden.

 DiTech Solutions CMD+CTRL Cyber Range Training Features

DiTech Solutions CMD+CTRL Cyber Range is the only authentic Cyber Range built for Application Security Training.


Think You Know Cyber Ranges? Think Again.

Most cyber ranges for networking and Capture the Flag (CTF) environments come with burdens: heavy hardware requirements, configuration challenges, required expertise, inaccessible remotely and have cumbersome manual scoring.


The DiTech Solutions CMD+CTRL Cyber Range is the opposite. Cloud-based and turn-key, players need only a browser to exploit vulnerabilities, immediately earn points and move up the leaderboard. This live scoring and instant gratification create an engaging learning environment like no other.


Fully featured applications and social engineering components let players “follow their nose” and experience how business logic rules can work for or against them. Vertically-oriented cyber ranges ensure the learning environment resonates. Features actual security exploits (not pre-defined strings), real traffic, user roles, server & database communication.


Real-time scoring, Easter eggs, and other surprises transform players from passive participants to determined competitors.


Cloud-Based & Turn-Key

The SaaS-based cyber range for easy remote access. No installs needed – literally launch and play, all you need is a browser. Each player has access to their instance, so there is no disruption due to other player activity.



Over 500 vulnerabilities cover the majority of the OWASP Top 10/SANS CWE Top 25 + hard to find industry-specific vulnerabilities. From beginner to black diamond – all levels of learners are challenged (even industry veterans!).


Strategic Data & Insights

Detailed reporting highlights skills and knowledge gaps in application security, measures improvement over time and demonstrates impact and risk reduction.


Perpetually Cutting Edge

The latest vulnerabilities and new features constantly updated.